Wednesday, December 17, 2008

For You not for me

Why must I doubt?
Not praises shout
Will selfish lies
Be my demise?
I must turn
My heart to yearn
All for You
In all I do
Not an utter
Will I mutter
Lest it be
For Your glory
I can't abide
In my vain pride
But in the love
Of God above
My life belongs
I sing Him songs
Jesus saved me
I'll always be
His own child
Tender and mild
Rest in His hands
Live His commands
Love one another
Serve your brother
Put Him first
For Him thirst
Treasure each day
Live the Jesus way

Give Him everything

I am alive
I once was dead
He breathed into the words I read
And woke me from my dark slumber
Instilled in me a growing hunger
When I call He answers me
When I'm blind He helps me see
I owe my life to this great King
And so i give Him everything

A Christian's cry

They laugh at my greatest passion
The truths I live for are made a mockery of
The strength that keeps me going
Is tossed off as foolishness
The purity I strive for
Is called oppressive, old-fashioned, and wrong
They point at me and say fool
And if I speak out against their cries
I am imposing upon their freedom
Yet I am "closed minded" for believing in life
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