Wednesday, December 17, 2008

For You not for me

Why must I doubt?
Not praises shout
Will selfish lies
Be my demise?
I must turn
My heart to yearn
All for You
In all I do
Not an utter
Will I mutter
Lest it be
For Your glory
I can't abide
In my vain pride
But in the love
Of God above
My life belongs
I sing Him songs
Jesus saved me
I'll always be
His own child
Tender and mild
Rest in His hands
Live His commands
Love one another
Serve your brother
Put Him first
For Him thirst
Treasure each day
Live the Jesus way

Give Him everything

I am alive
I once was dead
He breathed into the words I read
And woke me from my dark slumber
Instilled in me a growing hunger
When I call He answers me
When I'm blind He helps me see
I owe my life to this great King
And so i give Him everything

A Christian's cry

They laugh at my greatest passion
The truths I live for are made a mockery of
The strength that keeps me going
Is tossed off as foolishness
The purity I strive for
Is called oppressive, old-fashioned, and wrong
They point at me and say fool
And if I speak out against their cries
I am imposing upon their freedom
Yet I am "closed minded" for believing in life

Friday, November 14, 2008

God thinks I am, therefore I am.

You make everything glorious and I am Yours, what does that make me?

Beautiful~Holy through Christ~loved~worthy of respect~a Princess~of the Most High~Crowned with Glory~Delightful~fun~filled with joy~His heart~compassionate~Courageous~Fearfully, Wonderfully made~Created~Purposeful~a creator~a dreamer~alive~spirit-filled~On fire~Love~faithful~Amazed~in His hands~worth dying for ~giving~comfort~lifter~odd~unique~special~complete~lover~happy~positive~Overflowing


The light has dimmed. My soul runs afrant. Blazing in confusion's whithers. My heart hung aloft. A cliff. I comb the desolate pit. Seeking rescue. My soul thirsts. Parched in the barren prison in which I have locked it. My captor weeps in the moonlight. Runs through the trenches. The collapses. A bed of shivers holds me. No where to go. No place to hide. Exposed to the cold of my abrasive doubts. Someone must save me now. Futile efforts lay my head on a pillow of sin. Broken failure trickles from my eyes. I've strength only to lift one frail palm. A ray of sunlight breaks through the clouds of despair. Like a fathers hand. It warms my face. I am lifted. Once dry, weathered land flows with abundance. My feet sit firmly. My head safe. My heart at ease. My soul finds rest. Oh rescuer, restoreth.

Blessed Reassurance

My time has come
I am weak,
He tells me
be strong
I don't fit in
He says "You Belong"
I serve them
He says
"You live for me"
I feel so blind
He helps me see
The world appeals
He says
"You're not one of them."
He heeds my prayer
I shout "Ahmen!"

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Body vs. the Building

God is not a house with a cross atop. He is not stained glass, an organ or a hymnal. He does not sleep in a pew. Or keep His hands in the offering plate. God dwells in the Church,This statement is Truth Breathed from the very heart of God. It is apparent that the church, as God, Is more than the World would have it be.Church is less a buildingAnd more a body. A body of preachers, and teachers, listeners and prayers, prophets and healers. This body has a heartbeat, a mind and a soul. It has countless a many parts.All vital and all of God. When working as it should, there is nothing this body cannot accomplish. Moving mountains? Simple.Lifting on wings to soar? Child's play. It grows and grows.This body is growing each and every day.Lifting its hands, bowing its knees, and letting holy words pour from its mouth. Sometimes this body fights wars. Whole nations fall to its wrath. Sometimes nations rise by its hands. Angels join in its song. But sometimes this body fights a foolish war. Sometimes its only foe is itself. An arm hits a leg, a leg stubs a toe, a toe kicks a finger, a finger pokes an eye. But wars cannot be won this way, only bodies injured. So the eyes will cry, and the mouth will form a frown, and the body will ache in despair. But an outpouring of praise will shower the body upon reconciliation. When this mighty warrior falls, it will be lifted up. And rise to honorable battle once again. This body does not sit in a church. It is the Church. Sure it fills buildings, altars, and pews. But it walks outside among the masses. And teaches, and preaches, and heals and lifts up the broken. And it grows each day. It has a purpose to fulfill. Each important part working, moving, and breathing as one united, living, body of Christ. Among these God Himself dares dwell. In hearts not in hymnals, in spirit not in stained glass, in people not in pews, in the body not the building. For in a building there will be sin, it will be held there. Like a conference. There will be judgment, there will be hate, and there will be confusion. But in a body all parts must become one. One's downfall is the concern of the whole body. Its heart will ache. And as one they will suffer. As a unit shout praise. Roar their message with one booming voice. Bring Him glory. Live in His presence. Walk into the building, and out. All the while serving the Hands that laid the groundwork. The building is watched over. The body, locked in embrace. God dwells in the body and not the building. The choice, left up to you. God is in the body, fear is in the building. Which will you live in? To which army will you enlist? The body? Or the building? The choice is up to you.

Time with God

Noise surrounds me tries to muffle the light
I bend my ear searching for the voice that's right
Distractions flying in and out
Interferences whisper, speak, then shout
Forces pull at me, drag me away
Your steady voice calms me to stay
You block out the sight and sound
You lift me onto holy ground
Only you and purity can be
In this place You meet with me
You have to wash me 'fore I enter
And place Your heartsong at my center
Wrongness vanishes from my eyes
Sin drifts further than the skies
You in me, and I in You
A love my spirit soars into
Nothing can enter, none disturb
Our spirits' melding nothing can perturb
All else drowns in sinking sand
When You lift me, and hold my hand
Disruptions fade when You are there
I breathe Your presence in like air
You sound my heartbeats one by one
Basking in Father, Spirit, Son
You alone fill this holy place
Softly lavishing me in Your grace

My voice will be the breath of God
My sorrow a tear of God
My joy the laughter of God
Tender moments a twinkle in His eye
My fall the swoop of His hand to catch

Morning by the River

The ripples dance and lap the sand
Gentling tickling at the land
A bird swoops to ladel her thirst
As cool renewal is dispurst
Humble trees drink see and sky
The fluff of clouds billows by
The breeze comforts, stills the Earth
All Creation wakes to morning's birth
When in the sky a light shines down
And becomes the hillside's shimmering gown
The leaves they tremble in lining brush
A voice inside whispers hush

Your love

Your love runs like fountain
Breathing life into each it rushes through
Your love is a sunbeam
Spreading warmth upon the horizon
and stretching comfort 'cross the Earth
Your love is a gentle voice
Whispering my name
Your love is the newness of morning
Awakening to a fresh beginning
Your love is a mystery
Enticing hearts' second glance
Your love is a tall majestic tree
Pointing toward the heavens
Your love is the way
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