While you’re here you might notice that I tend to use the G word a lot (and I don’t mean gangster, although I think my G-status goes without saying).  I believe in G-O-D.  I don’t know what your experience with the church, religion, or spirituality has been. 

Perhaps, like me, you are messily trying to follow after Jesus with everything you’ve got. Praise the Lord!  Let’s do this together?  Because the truth is that we’re never going to make it on our own. 

Perhaps you have been hurt by someone in the name of Christ.  I want to apologize.  I know that I’m not always that best example of what a Christian (little Christ) is supposed to be. 

No matter where you are on this journey we call life, permit me to tell you something I desperately hope you’ll understand.  Being a Christian doesn’t mean you have to be a republican.  It doesn’t mean you hate homosexuals.  It doesn’t mean you don’t like to have fun.  It just means that at some point in your life you fell on your knees in desperation before Jesus.  And while you were there you found acceptance, hope, purpose, and transformation.

 I love Jesus because it speaks so profoundly to my heart that someone, and not just anyone but a God who has power and knows the core of my being, would choose to leave his throne in heaven (where he never felt pain) to come to this decaying earth and die—even a horrible death on a cross—just so he could be in intimate, marriage-like relationship with me for eternity. 

The immense love I have been shown motivates me to love my self and others (like you!).  If I encourage you to seek God it is simply because I truly believe this:  “[Jesus] came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” John 10:10

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