Monday, October 25, 2010

Baby Just Say Yes

How can you help but love her? I fall for her soft curls and blue eyes that sparkle like her sequined guitar every time. She's an innocent kind of beautiful. No in your face curves or chance of her wardrobe malfunctioning. Taylor Swift is a true all American girl. She wears sparkly dresses, and believes in love stories. She writes her own music on notebooks in her bedroom and designed her whole tour herself--appropriately named, "Fearless." Tay Sway's not afraid to share her heartaches with her girlfriends around the world, or to call out guys who've done her wrong--by name. We learned from her that "These things will change, the walls that they put up to hold us back will fall down," and to "stay beautiful" because we're "really gonna be someone, ask anyone." That sometimes the bad guy rides a "white horse" and we were empowered to say "it's too late to catch me now" when he comes crawling back. America shook their fist at Kanye when he stole her moment in the spotlight. They cheered with her as she won 6 American music awards, 5 CMT music awards, and 4 Grammy awards. Laughed with her on SNL as she "didn't talk about" liking baking or Taylor Laughtner. And cried with her when Joe-who-must-not-be-named broke her heart.

I know there are Tay-nay-sayers out there. And if you fall under this category I know who you are. You think you're too cool to swoon over the latest teen fads. You roll your eyes at Taylor's glitter and optimistic smile. You wouldn't be caught dead listening to music sung by the seat of screaming 13-year-olds' affections. Here's my challenge to you. I bet that if you gave T-Swift half a chance she would win you over. Maybe if you played "Hey Steven" as you drove down a country road, or let yourself sing along to "Teardrops on my guitar" you wouldn't be able to be a Taylor hater anymore. I dare you not to fall for the twinkle in her eye, the zeal in her hair flip, and her uncanny ability to charm audiences of all ages. Give her a shot, I won't tell anyone.
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