Friday, April 27, 2012

Easy as ABC

I loved these  personal survey things when I was thirteen and found them via MSN, or Myspace, or whatever was cool back then. So why not bring it back?  I stole borrowed the idea from Finding Beauty in the Ordinary.

Age and/or Anniversary: 22; July 15th 2011. 
Bedsize: California King!  I know I'm spoiled, it was a lightly used gift.
Chocolate: All the time.  Especially fondue.
Dessert: Ice cream.  No contest.
Ethnic background: Caucasian:  Irish + German (+ a-tiny-bit-does-it-even-count? Chilean)
Fear: That no one really likes me.  But fear is just a lie!
Graduation from high school and/or college: 2008 (HS) 2012 this May (College hooray!)
Hometown: Warden, WA
Instruments I play: Oboe (not to be confused with elbow) Bells (not to be confused with... never mind).
Job title: Research Monitor/Student
Live: Pullman, WA
Middle name:  Renee`
Natural hair color:  Roasted Marshmallow Blonde (husband came up with that term b/c he said dirty or dishwater blonde sounded gross, and he loves my hair).
Overnight hospital stays:  Not yet (knock on wood).
Pastime:  Blogging?  haha Photography, poetry, crafting, playing outside when it's warm.
"Do not give your lives to that which others can or will do but to that which others cannot or will not do" --Jim Elliot (A missionary who was martyred)
Right or left handed: Righty
Siblings: Confusing b/c there's a lot of halves and steps:  Rachel, Jordann, Michael, Connor, Joey (I'm the oldest) plus brother-in-law Ta.
T.V. Show:  Glee, New Girl, Ellen, Friends, Chopped, What Not To Wear. 
Underwear:  Under where?!
Vacation spot I love:  Someplace warm, although Edmonton Canada (Honeymoon spot) was a blast.  
Weather right now: Heaven!  The sun's finally shining.
X-Rays:  right arm broken x 2.
Yummy meal I make:  My husband loves when I make tortellini alfredo with sauteed bell peppers and onions.  Super simple.
Zoo Animal:  hmmm elephant?  

Monday, April 23, 2012

Chelsea Standard Version (1 Peter 3-4)

Recently, God spoke to me about a verse that used to get me fuming.  I used to be a feminazi, and still believe in equality for all.  I believe these verses have been taken out of context and used for selfish purposes.  But I also believe that everything in the bible is God-breathed and helpful for teaching.  The Holy Spirit, and some deep thinking, helped me to see these passages in a fresh new way.  Hope my interpretation helps you do the same.

1 Peter 3-4
(Chelsea Standard Version)

Wives, let your husband shepherd over your soul, look out for your spiritual needs, and help choose what's best for you (even when they're not doing a good job at it).  This will speak to their hearts in such a profound way--when they see the beauty of your purity and feel the honor and respect in your love--that it will motivate them to walk more closely with God and to surrender to His ways in your husband's own life and in your family.  Women, you are beautiful--but don't forget that your beauty doesn't come from hair or makeup or fashion.  Rather, it is in the unique way the depths of your heart and personality were put together creatively by God.  He finds this less obvious part of your to be so precious!  Instead of focusing on impressing people, focus on loving and honoring them--especially your husbands!  Women that you look up to are really beautiful because they understand how submission is good for their own hearts and the hearts of their husbands.

Husbands, get to know your wives and have empathy for them.  They are strong, but are not built like you are with incredible ability to withstand so much physical and emotional toil.  Show her love because she desperately needs it.  Remember, you are both equal--equal heirs of God and receives of his blessings and promises.  Loving them is God's desire and it will help you to better love him.

(Did I love the dash in that post or what?)

Have you ever been personally offended by verses like this?  Does this, or has something else changed your perspective at all?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Making a Fool of Myself

Just making a fool of myself for the sake of my husband's education...what are wifey's for?

My Elementary Ed major husband Philip had to make a book trailer about the book "How To Steal a Dog" for a class. For some reason he recruited me to play a homeless 13-year old.  Oh and the story behind that toy dog:  in our new apartment (we're moving!) we're allowed to have pets!!!  I've been trying to get my husband to cave and let us get a cat or small dog but instead he bribed me with the Fur Real Friend featured in this video in hopes that it will tide me over for next year.  And it worked.  No pet for us yet.  Maybe there is a reason he had me play a little girl afterall?
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