Sunday, April 5, 2015

When in Vegas

One of the best things about being teachers is...we get Spring Break!  And the children.  Yeah, the children.  Anywho, Philip and I like to getaway together during Spring Break.  It's the perfect time for vacation because A.  it's less crowded than summer.  B.  You get lots of "off-season" discounts.  C.  it helps us make it through that last, long stretch of school before summer break.  Our first trip was to Leavenworth.  Our second, was to Lake Chelan.  This year, actually having moneties due to actually having professional jobs, we were able to go a little bigger.  We went to Las Vegas for Spring Break!  We had a blast!  Being in Vegas made me feel free to make some bolder choices with my wardrobe.  Here's what I wore.  (P.S. I took most of these on my ipad, because I don't have a smart phone and it was easy and convenient.  Therefore they are not great quality.  Focus on the clothes, people).

What are you wearing lately?
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