Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Face to face

Here I am knelt on the floor
How could You ask me for more?
Heart to heart I understand
But Face to face? This, You command.
Your face is not before my eyes;
I see Your work, Your seas Your skies.
But what of You Lord? I seek You out.
Diversions whisper burdens doubt.
I know You're there but I can't see,
Please holy spirit comfort me.
The image I see now is blury.
Lord I cannot ask You to hurry.
I am waiting for the day,
When this will no longer be the way.
Now I see you in a mirror,
But You’re becoming ever clearer.
On the day we finally meet,
I'll adore You at Your feet.You are my God my here and now.
I pray You'll show me You somehow!
Clues lead me fingerprints I see,
Over others, over me.
The work You've done;
Your battles won.
I've heard Your voice and felt Your touch;
This unclear image reveals so much.
Can it be You're even more?
So much of You is left in store.
I'll just wait and seek Your face;
Continue living in Your grace.
Diligently searching out Your heart;
Til this world I finally depart.
Lingering in this earthly place;
Until I see You face to face.

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