Friday, July 8, 2011

Camp Snapshot

I am ridiculously tired! Like misspelling things, forgetting things, stumbling about tired. I just got back from counseling at Ross Point Camp for 3 weeks. Aka I haven't slept in 3 weeks since campers prefer giggling, making fart noises, getting-to-know-eachother-chat etc. to resting. So many moments made it worth it. Here are just a few:

Willy (camper who's brother recently passed away) coming up to hug/thank me after I explained to him that Jesus cries with us and we sang "He holds every tear I cry."

Trying to get 10-12 year olds to dance by dancing as crazily as possible.

Riley(camper whose parents recently got divorced)'s eyes getting big when you tell her that God even loves murders.

Teaching Riley about how when oysters get irritated they can either make pearls or fester.

Meeting Riley's mom and thanking her for sharing her daughter with us for the week (in front of Riley).

Swing dancing with Philip in the talent show.

Courtney putting her trust in Christ.

Singing silly songs.

Eating S'mores (S'more of what?).

Laughing at how funny our Sr. High campers are with co-counselor Sarah Schuelke.

(P.S. Sarah was my co-counselor the first week I counseled back in High School).

Encouraging Katie and then seeing her successfully complete 4 high ropes obstacles. Rockstar!

Listening to so many Jr. campers proclaim that before camp Jesus was riding shotgun but now He is in the driver's seat.

Listening to kids pray. Ex: Dear God please let the water rise so we can go swimming (in every prayer no matter what the occasion).

Hangin with my sibs.

Seeing my brother Connor be a leader.

Watching my sister Jordan lead worship.

Getting to know some amazing counselors.
And many many more. Now I'm going to sleep. If when I wake up I will take care of a few last-minute wedding things and enjoy living with this family for the last time long-term(ish).

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Uneventfully Wonderful said...

I loved counseling with you! I overheard someone tell you that when you and Phil were dancing you looked so happy. I must agree. I meant to tell you later that night but it slipped my mind. It was so fun to watch you two dancing together. Can't wait to see you two tie the knot!
Also, thanks for being so helpful and kind during my mouse breakdown. :)

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