Saturday, November 17, 2012

Lookbook Copycat Part 1

 When I saw Ruche's fall lookbook, my first instinct was to buy everything in sight.  Unfortunately, they don’t pay you much to be a student teacher—okay, they don’t pay you anything, in fact, they charge you.  So that was out of the question.  So then I had another idea:  copycat these looks using pieces already in my wardrobe!  I often need help putting things together.  I love being creative but I get insecure about what goes with what.  Or I just run out of inspiration!  With some of these looks I went for pieces in my wardrobe that shared similar colors, patterns, or simply mimicked the feel of the outfit.  Here are the four I've tried so far:

I didn't have a llama to pose with.  But I figured a flower would do.

I found it funny that the first day I wore this outfit, I too held a chicken.  Only I didn't make it look as sexy as she did.  Because chickens have large talons--they're kind of scary!
Next stop, Ruche's Winter Lookbook?

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