Thursday, December 20, 2012

What's His Age Again?

Props if you know what song I was referring to. Phil turned 23 this weekend, and don't worry, I still like him.  To celebrate, I took him to eat at Red Lobster.  It was his first time!  Then we went to the Coeur d'alene Resort and went on a short Christmas cruise.  Hubs is a huge Christmas enthusiast, so I'm pretty sure he was more excited than most of the small children on the cruise.

He ordered a whole lobster.

You know, the kind they keep live in a tank and then kill when you order it?  He said his favorite part was that he got to see it alive before he annihilated it.  Must be his hunter instincts.

He may have been a little over-zealous cracking that guy open because a little piece went flying straight into his beer.

Our next stop was this beautiful Christmas cruise ship.

Some of the lights we got to see from the ship.

Apparently this is the tallest Christmas tree in America.  Take that Rockefeller Center!

Sadly, we didn't make the nice list this year.  Santa reads off the names of all the kids on the cruise as "The Nice List."

I sure love hanging out with this gent.

I baked him a cake topped with Funfetti Frosting and Neon Crazy candles.

The best part was that it had neon colors inside!  I got the idea from my super smart sister, based loosely off rainbow cupcakes that I found on Pinterest.  She definitely got all the baking genes in the family, so I texted her last minute for something fun and sort of easy.  All this takes is cake mix and food coloring!  When I found Neon food coloring I knew I had to get it.  Phil is all about bright colors, which works well since he's going to be an elementary school teacher.  

Happy Birthday Husband!  I love you more than a chubby first grader would love that cake!  :)

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