Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Easiest "DIY" Ever Done

I used to cringe when I heard the words, "arts and crafts."  That phrase alone was enough to make me avoid women's ministry like the plague.  When I thought of crafts I thought of cheesy, ugly knick-knacks that middle-aged women made usually involving their cats.  Those types of projects seemed pointless to me.

Then I found Pinterest.  I realized that I could make legit decorations.  I could use crafting as an inexpensive way to make my home cute, trendy, and personalized.   Since then I've made several crafty things--still I prefer to call them "projects" or "DIYs."

If a DIY is too complicated, though, count me out.  I tend to like projects that are mindless--the kind I can do while watching TV.  I craft to relax.  I can't handle things that require too much precision or skill.

So when my husband unleashed me in Craft Warehouse, I kept these things in mind while looking for a project.  I thought about buying burlap, or a mason jar, or chalkboard paint, or a picture frame but then I saw them:  artificial succulents.

I LOVE the way succulents look.  But, I have not had much luck with planting the real deal.  I had heard they were easy to grow--aren't they native to the desert or something?  So I thought I'd give it a try.  Well, my poor succulent didn't make it longer than a week. Apparently I am less nurturing than a desert.  So why not have a fake one?  Succulents almost look plastic anyways?

This was so easy that I don't even know if you can technically call it a "DIY," but hey, I could have just bought something similar at IKEA so I'm counting it dang it!  My project required only three materials, and less than three steps.

Step one:  Place succulent standing up inside the pot.  Step two:  fill with rocks.  Step three:  admire.

Here it is on a desk in our room.  Oh, hey, that's another craft I've made.  A giant letter "A" with covered in old hymns and modge podge.  Easy-peasy.  

How do you feel about craftiness?  If I can do it, you can do it.

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