Monday, June 15, 2015

Summer Wardrobe Additions

I live in a place where we experience each of the four seasons.  Or so that's what I'm told.  To me, it is cold three fourths of the year, hot one fourth of the year.  But still.  I try to appreciate and celebrate each season.  It helps me feel more content.  One of the best things about a new season is an opportunity to wear that season's fashion!  Most of my wardrobe can be worn year round because that's how I roll.  There are some pieces, though, that just feel fall-y, or winter-y, or in this case, summer-y.  My first instinct is to buy everything in sight, but I find that adding just a few pieces that can be easily mixed and matched is a better option.  My husband would thank me for that.  Here are the additions joining my wardrobe this summer:

Some blue shorty shorts from Francesca.  I love the bow.  They can feel a little bit dressed up, but still so comfy and cool in the heat.

A chambray dress from Maurices.  I can totally see myself wearing this in fall with some leggings and a cardigan and, because it's me, probably a scarf.  I love how you can just throw this on and look chic with very little effort.  You can accessorize it with pretty much anything because its denim.  

A straw hat from Frenchesca's.  Need I say more?  I want to add this to every single outfit this summer.  It is practical at keeping the sun out of my face and off of my gingeresque skin.  Plus it is so cute.

Some moccasins from Modcloth.  I want to wear these all day every day.  They are super comfy, and great for a little pop of color.

How could I not buy a t-shirt with a shiny pineapple print?  I scooped this up from JCrew Factory.  It goes with literally everything.  This is comfy and breezy and the fruit gives off such a summer vibe.

Finally, a little summer makeup for my cheeks from Benefit.  I've always like Benefit's dandelion blush, so when I saw this adorable dandelion-inspired package I had to get it.

It has a few different products to keep my cheeks a subtle, cheery, pink.  To me, that is so summer.  I like to wear less makeup in the summer (partly because it will just melt off anyways).  And even if this is all I'm wearing it gives me a dewy complexion.

Happy Summer!  What did you add to your wardrobe for the season?

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