Monday, July 25, 2016

Emerson's Adventure Themed Nursery

I've had so much fun decorating baby Emerson's nursery.  I love to be creative and especially to express myself through anything involving aesthetics.  Something about eyeballing something to see what will look good and carefully putting together all the little details energizes me.

The original plan for the nursery was to go with a woodsy theme.  Philip is a hunter/fisher/camper.  He loves anything outdoors.  So that naturally (no pun intended) that seemed like a good fit.  Over time the decorating the theme has evolved a little bit, though.  While perusing Pinterest, my go-to for inspiration, I came across an "adventure" themed nursery.  I instantly fell in love with this idea.  It was still mostly based around the woodsy decor, but it also incorporated some travel elements--maps, globes, and suitcases--and a few nautical details--boats, whales etc.  Those three decorating schemes are some of my all-time favorites.  I loved the idea that they could all be incorporated and still mesh.  So, I went for the adventure theme in Emerson's room.  

As you can see, there is a little bit of everything in there.  There's some outdoorsy/tribal, some nautical, and some travel.  I used a lot of things that we already had.  I incorporated some of the decor from my nautical baby shower.  And we purchased a few things here and there.  The initial color scheme I was thinking included navy blue, grey, and white with touches of mustard and mint thrown in.  I think it ended up including a lot of neutrals with varying shades of blue.  I am so happy with how it turned out!  I love that I was able to use so many things that didn't cost us anything.  I love how it came together.  And I love that the different aspects of adventure make it feel less theme-y.  I think it's possible to go too far in one direction and I like the variety that the adventure theme allows for.

Chalkboard:  Fancy Farmgirl Vintage Market.  Nautical banner: Leftover from my shower (Target).  Map box reading "Be Strong and Courageous":  Gifted.  Basket:  Marshall's.  Laundry Hamper:  Already had (Bed Bath and Beyond).

Crib, sheets, and blanket:  Baby's R' Us.  Banner:  Leftover from my shower.

E:  made by my sister for my shower.

Love sign:  already had (bought at a charity silent auction).  Be Brave Arrow:  Leftover from decorating for Ross Point Camp (Target).

Chair:  Already had (Christmas gift from Mom).  Pillow:  Fancy Farmgirl Vintage Market.  Side table and lamp:  Already had (Ross).  Bottle:  DIYed.

Map: DIYed for our birth announcement.

Rocking chair:  Handed down from my Grandma.  Blanket:  Marshall's.

Fred the Moose Head:  Amazon.

"You are my greatest adventure" Shadow Box:  Marshall's (pictures collected from various ultra sound appointments).

Suitcase converted to toy box:  Already had (Piper Barn Show).  Couple/baby figurine:  Wedding gift.  Sign reading "Make More Adventures":  Marshall's.

Baby Gym Toy:  Made by my friend Reighan.

Sailboat decor:  Marshall's.

"Read" Pennant banner:  already had (DIY).  Globe:  Already had in my classroom.  Bookshelf and baskets:  Walmart.

Picture and frame:  Leftover from my shower (Photo from our Maryland trip).  Bottle filled with sand:  DIY (sand from our Maryland trip).

"Let all that you do be done in love" sign:  The Bookery.  Changing table:  Fancy Farmgirl Vintage Market.  Changing pad cover:  Amazon.  Antler:  Fancy Farmgirl Vintage Market.  Banner:  Leftover from decorating for camp (Target).

Look at all those little shoes!  Most of those were handed down or gifted, but I did buy two pairs of boat shoes from a consignment shop called "Once Upon a Child."

All we need now is a baby!  I know that he won't be using this room much at first, but it feels good to have it all finished.  I love to just go sit in there and take it all in.


Cassi D. said...

Looks absolutely fantastic... He is going to feel the love....

Uneventfully Wonderful said...

Looks wonderful! SO cute. I also love all the little shoes. How perfect! :)

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