Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Goodbye Seattle.

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Last night I had a dream that a magazine wanted to hire me. I used to be a journalism major. When I switched to English Ed, I lost a little swagger. But both career paths include what I love--writing--and only one includes a secondary passion of mine--helping kids. In my dream, I kept getting phone calls from a strange number that I never answered. Finally, this big time magazine editor (who looked suspiciously like my high school journalism teacher, Mrs. Swinger) showed up at my house. By the way, I had a house in my dream, not a dorm.  Mrs. Swinger's look-a-like had been reading my blog, and wanted to me to write for the religion section of her magazine! The only catch was that I would have to leave for Seattle immediately, and stay there all semester. Dream Philip was in tears. I spent most of the dream being indecisive about that ideal offer. All the things I want to invest in this semester came to mind. Things like:  passing down what I've learned to my growth group, encouraging people to move into the dorms next year to do covert ministry, building deeper friendships with my key gal pals, discipling and being discipled, spending time with Philip and centering our relationship around God, connecting with the part of my family that lives in Pullman;  mostly enjoying the people I'm around right now because they won't be around me forever. It seems like, though not quite as glamorous as (but arguably dryer than) writing in Seattle, God has plans for me right here in Pullman. My bittersweet conclusion is:

If there are any big time magazine editors reading this, I would love to write for you--as soon as my time at WSU expires when I graduate in 2012.
P.S. Please don't judge me based on my incorrect use of colons and semi-colons.  I'm learning about them in Grammar Pedagogy and taking risks at using them in new ways.  If anything, judge me on the fact that I know the word pedagogy, and pedagogic and pedagogically, for that matter.

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dutchcut said...

I like your blog, Chelsea. You are a great writer!

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