Monday, January 10, 2011

Top Tens on the Tenth

I love lists. To-dos, favorites, shopping lists, wish lists...ah...Something feels so satisfying about writing down the jumbled mess that's bouncing around in my head in a loose, concise, free form. If you've been reading me long, you may have observed this in my writing pattern. I like how things sound together. Take three things that I love:  Wrestling, dresses, and movies. On their own, they're nice. But together, beautiful. So here's my latest idea. Every month on the tenth I am going to blog a Top Ten list. And since today is the tenth here is my list of...

...Top Ten reasons I am going to blog my Top Tens monthly:

1. It'll keep me blogging consistently.

2. It will be refreshing to have some short, easy to read blogs as a break from my novel-length musings.

3. I love lists.  :)

4. It will help me reflect upon things I love, hate, want to change etc.

5. It's cute. Top TENS on the TENTH. Cuteness is a priority.

6. I can display my original photos along with my lists.

7. It gets my creative gears 'a turnin' and opens me up to new possibilities.

8. I will have to prioritize (something I'm not always good at) and be decisive (something I'm never good at).

9. I write these sorts of things naturally, and I want this blog to reflect who I really am.

10. I feel like it. Gosh.

1 comment:

Jill aka Mrs. Massa said...

I love this idea and my top ten list includes how much I love my kids! Glad you are writing so much, I cherish it! Keep it up!

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