Thursday, November 10, 2011

Seasons turn, turn, turn...

Are you sick of fall yet? Not me. I don't know what it is about this year; usually I'm muttering under my breath--which I can see--about the dropping temperatures and missing being able to expose my shoulders to some warm rays. But this year I've found fall particularly mesmerizing. Is it because I'm young and in love? Are we just having an especially lovely autumn this year? Phil and I have a shared trait of enjoying the little things more than most--a trait that only grows exponentially when we're together. At any rate we are doing our best to celebrate each season. Here's the small ways we're lavishing ourselves in fall, while it lasts.

Pumpkins. I know, we're weird.

And with them pumpkin seeds.

Pinecones. I didn't take any precautions to debug these guys which Phil was concerned about. I don't know why, it's not like if I see one I shriek until he kills it (wink).

Fake leaves. (paper + leaf-coloring book pages + staples + yarn + crinkled to make them look like they came from a freshly jumped in pile)

Wheat. This is kind of an all-year-round thing for Pullman, but if feels kind of harvesty which spells fall to me. I went all Ruth and gleaned these straight out of a previously harvested field.

This soap (it's almost out) smells like cinnamon pumpkin spice.

Although, I must admit I'm not too sad about it running out b/c that means we get to switch to Mr. and Mrs. Snowman! (Courtesy of BBW)

We also barely-made-it-out-alive explored a corn maze, are drinking lots of tea (okay maybe that's just me), and stepping on every crunchy leaf we see. How are you celebrating fall? Is there something we haven't done yet that we totally need to take advantage of before it's too late?

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