Saturday, June 16, 2012

Getting My Baby Fix

Sometimes I get baby fever.  We're on the five year down to four year plan, so I have to restrain my desire for kiddos.  One good cure for this is to hangout with a couple of Phil's cousins who are single moms to super cute baby girls.  They could use the break and I could use the snuggles.  For the first little bit I'm like, "Awww I want one."  Then they start screaming, or drooling, or puking and I'm like, "I can wait."

Baby & Mama

Baby & Mama

Yep...that's my husband.

Aren't these little ladies adorbs?  Any other sure-fire cures for baby fever you could suggest for me?


jennifer blair said...

If I knew a cure I'd certainly tell you...because I have baby fever too. :)

L said...

Hey girl!! I'm a new follower to your blog =) =) LOVING your heart for the Lord. These kiddos are SO cute!! I have baby fever and I work as a nanny =) It totally helps on difficult days but then I always remember the sweet moments when they grin and 'want-up' =)
Too adorable!
Much Love girl!!

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