Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Shirt: F21.  Skinnies:  Christmas, thanks Mom.  Sweater:  Random store in Canada.  Headband:  Shopco.  Shoes:  got under questionable morals.  (They are JCrew and were in a giveaway pile in our apartment laundromat and they were in my size.  That's destiny people).

I like repurposing things.  For example, steal borrow husband's rockin' skinny tie.  Pull it through your belt loops.  And voila!  Tie becomes a sash/belt!  Coral and shades of grey make such good friends.

Or start with bottles of champagne.  Drink said bottles in good company (My dad-in-law actually saved these for me after Phil spilled that I like to use them for "art" projects).  Add twine and hot glue.  Presto!  Cute vases.  I like the look of plain glass bottles and I like how the twine makes it a little more rustic.  I also painted one with chalkboard paint (easy-peasy).  I'd like to see these with billy balls in them one day.  But we have so much decor stuff lying around that for now I am trying to make use of what we have.

I think Jesus would approve, I mean he makes beautiful things out of the dust.  It gives me hope that I can be repurposed too.  From a selfish girl that serves materials, image, and people-pleasing to a beautiful woman who lives to pour out love on God that overflows to others.

And just for fun, while the hubs was taking pictures of my outfit I wanted to show you what he was wearing too.  This is what he did when I asked him to pose for the picture.

Hat:  Nordstrom Rack.  Shirt:  JcPenney.  Cardy:  F21.  Hotness:  Jesus made him.

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Hannah said...

Haha Chels I love that you said Jesus would approve of crafts!

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