Thursday, May 30, 2013

Guide My Steps

Recently I've been thinking about the missions trip I went on a few summers back.  My team and I lived in beautiful Costa Rica for five weeks.  Four hours a day were spent on campus at the Universidad engaging in spiritual conversation with students.  That's Christianese for getting to know people on a deeper level, asking them what they think about life, God, and spirituality, and with their permission sharing what we believe and what God's done in our lives.  We also did weekly community service projects including loving on orphans and feeding the homeless.  On the side we built an incredibly tight-knit Christian community that fostered immense spiritual growth.  

I had almost forgotten that I originally applied for Summer Project in Italy.  Due to the popularity of that project, it filled up before my application was even processed.  I had to resort to one of my back-up locations.

 I was thinking about how Costa was such a better fit for me!  I have an interest in Latin American culture, and a background in Spanish.  Plus, working with people in poverty is a passion of my heart.  The city of San Jose opened my eyes to what poverty can really look like.  Aside from this, I built key relationships with students that echoed into my next year at Washington State University.  My summer would have looked so different in affluent Italy than it did in the third-world Costa Rican jungle.

It is comforting to remember that God is going to direct my steps.  Even when I have no clue what do to and just move in a direction, he guides me to where I'm supposed to be.  I love that he knew my heart, even better than I did.  In the midst of painful rejection and confusion he lead me to what was best for me.

I have to believe that as I take my next steps into the future--uncertain as they may be--that God is going to continue to be faithful.  Even if I am unsure about where he's leading me, he will guide me.  He has a plan for me, and I don't have to know it perfectly.  I just have to follow him, move ahead, and trust that his strength is bigger than my weakness.  His plan is greater than my inability to decipher his will.  

Cougs for Costa!  (People from my college that went on the trip)

Hanging out with these cuties at the orphanage.

Having lunch with some students on campus.

Perezoso which is Spanish for lazy and sloth.

The jungle.

                                               Bird's eye view of a residential area.

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