Saturday, June 15, 2013

Accumulating Possessions

"Accumulating possessions can make it hard to move around a lot,"
the sweet southern preacher lady  said to me.

I was at my sister's church and had just told her pastor about our upcoming jobs in Seattle.  Pastor Nan asked, "You guys haven't accumulated a lot of possessions, yet have you?"

This summer, Philip and I will be moving into the city.  We will be working as Summer Academy Teachers for the Union Gospel Mission.  Working in the inner city is something we've been dreaming of for years.  It's all a little nuts.  Phil's graduating class had a whopping twelve people in it.  I grew up in a town with more cows than people.  But we believe it's where God is calling us.  My heart is to bring justice to those who are oppressed.  I want to be a part of God scooping up those who have been told, "You are worthless,"  and redeeming in them the eternal value that we all have as priceless creations.  Philip and I are excited to love in bold ways--across culture, ethnicity, socioeconomic status.  All of these people who are different than us fill the city in abundance.

We don't anticipate this being our last move either.  Owning a home is a very low priority for us right now.  Philip has pre-dedicated one year of his life--and mine by marriage--to ethnic ministry.  We hope to spend at least one year in New York.  We want to be open to God leading us wherever he sees fit.  We want to go on adventures.

There is, however, something else that my heart wants.  Stuff.  Furniture, art, clothes, and all things cute.  I often feel tempted to spend money we don't have, on things we don't need.  To think that my love for things could be an obstacle that keeps me from living God's better story for my life.  That sickens me.

This summer we will be living in UGM provided housing.  That means we will only have one room to ourselves. The rest we will be sharing with Mission interns.  Sure I will still get to decorate and bring along some of our precious possessions.  But many of our things will have to be stored in our parents' basements.  I hope to one day have a healthier relationship with things.  I want to enjoy them in light of knowing that they can never fulfill me.  For now though, I think it's good of God to separate me from these things that moth and rust destroy for awhile.  I need to release my grip on them before I wind up looking like this.

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Uneventfully Wonderful said...

love this! I will be excited to read about your adventures! But I'm selfishly sad I don't get to see you at camp! :)

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