Friday, January 3, 2014

Cut the Crap, 2014.

Okay, so I posted one of those obligatory New Year's Eve Facebook statuses listing my glorious achievements for 2013, and then blogged that same list with pictures to boot.  I meant what I said.  Those great things really happened.  I am thankful for what God's done this year.  It's just that sometimes I think the internet becomes a space for our highlight reels.  I know I have been guilty of comparing my life to the over-romanticized lives of my friends.

I have a strong desire to be real and genuine.  So, if I were to cut the crap and make a list of what really went down in 2013, it would look a little more like this:

In 2013...

I spent hours in front of my computer working on Grad school homework.
I made friends with my MIT Cohort via shared sleep deprivation and alcohol.
Philip was bullied by his mentor teacher and then failed student teaching.
We were accepted applied for Teach For America.  We made it to the final interview and got cut.
Our cars broke down collectively like six times, before the mini van finally bit the dust (may she rest in peace).
We argued a lot.
I tried to get better at saying, "I'm sorry."
I tried to love stuff less, and love God more.
We dreamed of living in the city, got to spend the summer there, and loved it, but then had to move away.
I had my first teaching experience, and it turned out I had no idea what I was doing!
Philip contemplated abandoning education to become a business man or a bank teller.
We started reading the book, "Boundaries in Marriage," turns out we really needed that.
I got closer to my sister thanks to Jesus and conflict resolution.
Philip grew a beard.
My mom's connections helped me to secure a job.
I moved in with my parents.
I barely survived my first semester as a full-time teacher.

I'm so glad it's 2014!  Here's to learning through messiness, and new possibilities!

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