Saturday, January 25, 2014

Leavenworth in Winter and Spring

We love to go on little get-aways, and last Spring Break we made our way to Leavenworth Washington.  It was amazing.  I like to stay in hotels the way that some people enjoy camping.  The great thing about going in the off-season is that it isn't crowded and you can score some great deals.  Plus it's warm outside which just makes me a happier person.  We played mini golf, ate lots of yummy food, went to a tea house, and shopped 'til we dropped.  This winter I decided to take Philip there for his birthday because he is obsessed with Christmas and around that time of year the whole town becomes Christmas themed.  We went on a sleigh ride, toured the Nutcracker Museum, shopped at Kris Kringle's and enjoyed some German cuisine.  Be warned, though, during the Christmas season it is packed!  There were lines for everything--even to go inside the shops.  Plus it was so cold that it took me most of the ride home to thaw after our adventure.  Overall, we love the town and it's great that you can have a completely different experience depending on what time of year you go.  Check it out sometime!

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