Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Vows

I display our vows in our home.  Mr. and I take that promise we made in front of God and most of our family and friends seriously.  I like to re-read what I said to remind myself that I vowed not only to stay with Philip but to enjoy him, to respect him, to follow him, to encourage him, and (probably the hardest) to extend grace to him.  We got these picture frames as a wedding gift.  My first thought was to put a picture of him in the blue one, and a picture of me in the pink one--original, I know.  But then I decided they would make the perfect home for our vows.  So I "aged" the paper (to make it look like an important historical document) using tea, then I broke out my hot glue gun.  The kind of crafts I enjoy tend to be easy and mindless so the hot glue gun is my best friend.  Using my trusty glue gun, I added some scrabble letters reading "Mr." and "Mrs." to the top of the frames.  (If you don't want to mutilate your board game, you can buy yours on Etsy from tons of different shops).  We keep them bedside.  So there they are every night reminding me to reflect on the way I'm treating my beloved, and to be thankful that he's mine forever and always.

They aren't in a fancy font or anything, because these are the actual copies we were clutching in our quivering hands while we tied the knot.  I think that makes them more special.

 One of his favorite photos of us (which may or may not have to do with the fact that I'm wearing a bikini?).

One of my favorite photos of us.

How do you remind yourself to keep the commitments you've made?

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