Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentine's Day Outfit: Things that make me feel pretty.

This Valentine's Day I decided to wear an outfit that made me feel pretty.  I know I am supposed to wear something that my hubby loves on me, but the truth is he thinks I look good in everything.  While that's sweet, it is less than helpful.  I think, ultimately, he wants me to feel good about the way I look more than anything.  It is also freezing here in the Pacific North West so I wasn't about to slip into a sleek dress for our date.  Instead my outfit of choice included tights, wool socks, boots, and a scarf.  I put together a combination of a few of the things that make me feel pretty:

Dress:  JCPenney's.  Flannel:  Target.  Boots:  Macy's.  Headband:  Maurice's.  Scarf:  Pursuit of Craftyness.  

1.  Tulle.  Tulle is the stuff of princesses.  This is a dress with tulle at the bottom, but I really want one of those ballerina-esque tulle skirts.
2.  Glitter. Especially this sparkly headband that makes my eyes light up.  One of my colleagues told me that I look like a 20's movie star when I wear this.
3.  Tall leather boots.  They are sleek and sassy and sophisticated all at once. I feel like they complete just about every outfit.
4.  Red lipstick.  I like to say that, "Red lipstick covers a multitude of sins."  Meaning that you can have a lot going wrong with your appearance and add red lipstick and all but salvage the look.

And in case that was too much girliness for one outfit, I paired it with a flannel shirt and black details like a scarf and tights.  We went on a little outing to celebrate the holiday.  First we went shopping.  I bought a dress.  Philip bought a book. Then we went out to PFChangs for some din. I can't say enough about how delicious that restaurant is!  We got the two-for-$40 deal which included  soup, appetizers, entrees and a dessert to share.  That plus two mojitos made for the perfect meal.  I loved everything from the ambiance, to the service, to each yummy course. By far the highlight of the night was the chicken lettuce wraps.  Who knew meat, sauce, and lettuce could taste so good?

What makes you feel pretty?  Did you do any St. Valentine's celebrating?

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