Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Body vs. the Building

God is not a house with a cross atop. He is not stained glass, an organ or a hymnal. He does not sleep in a pew. Or keep His hands in the offering plate. God dwells in the Church,This statement is Truth Breathed from the very heart of God. It is apparent that the church, as God, Is more than the World would have it be.Church is less a buildingAnd more a body. A body of preachers, and teachers, listeners and prayers, prophets and healers. This body has a heartbeat, a mind and a soul. It has countless a many parts.All vital and all of God. When working as it should, there is nothing this body cannot accomplish. Moving mountains? Simple.Lifting on wings to soar? Child's play. It grows and grows.This body is growing each and every day.Lifting its hands, bowing its knees, and letting holy words pour from its mouth. Sometimes this body fights wars. Whole nations fall to its wrath. Sometimes nations rise by its hands. Angels join in its song. But sometimes this body fights a foolish war. Sometimes its only foe is itself. An arm hits a leg, a leg stubs a toe, a toe kicks a finger, a finger pokes an eye. But wars cannot be won this way, only bodies injured. So the eyes will cry, and the mouth will form a frown, and the body will ache in despair. But an outpouring of praise will shower the body upon reconciliation. When this mighty warrior falls, it will be lifted up. And rise to honorable battle once again. This body does not sit in a church. It is the Church. Sure it fills buildings, altars, and pews. But it walks outside among the masses. And teaches, and preaches, and heals and lifts up the broken. And it grows each day. It has a purpose to fulfill. Each important part working, moving, and breathing as one united, living, body of Christ. Among these God Himself dares dwell. In hearts not in hymnals, in spirit not in stained glass, in people not in pews, in the body not the building. For in a building there will be sin, it will be held there. Like a conference. There will be judgment, there will be hate, and there will be confusion. But in a body all parts must become one. One's downfall is the concern of the whole body. Its heart will ache. And as one they will suffer. As a unit shout praise. Roar their message with one booming voice. Bring Him glory. Live in His presence. Walk into the building, and out. All the while serving the Hands that laid the groundwork. The building is watched over. The body, locked in embrace. God dwells in the body and not the building. The choice, left up to you. God is in the body, fear is in the building. Which will you live in? To which army will you enlist? The body? Or the building? The choice is up to you.

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tvd19 said...

Chelsea!!! I love this post! It really opened my eyes to a lot of things! So amazing... love it! God bless and keep writing your heart out!

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