Friday, November 14, 2008


The light has dimmed. My soul runs afrant. Blazing in confusion's whithers. My heart hung aloft. A cliff. I comb the desolate pit. Seeking rescue. My soul thirsts. Parched in the barren prison in which I have locked it. My captor weeps in the moonlight. Runs through the trenches. The collapses. A bed of shivers holds me. No where to go. No place to hide. Exposed to the cold of my abrasive doubts. Someone must save me now. Futile efforts lay my head on a pillow of sin. Broken failure trickles from my eyes. I've strength only to lift one frail palm. A ray of sunlight breaks through the clouds of despair. Like a fathers hand. It warms my face. I am lifted. Once dry, weathered land flows with abundance. My feet sit firmly. My head safe. My heart at ease. My soul finds rest. Oh rescuer, restoreth.

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