Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Time with God

Noise surrounds me tries to muffle the light
I bend my ear searching for the voice that's right
Distractions flying in and out
Interferences whisper, speak, then shout
Forces pull at me, drag me away
Your steady voice calms me to stay
You block out the sight and sound
You lift me onto holy ground
Only you and purity can be
In this place You meet with me
You have to wash me 'fore I enter
And place Your heartsong at my center
Wrongness vanishes from my eyes
Sin drifts further than the skies
You in me, and I in You
A love my spirit soars into
Nothing can enter, none disturb
Our spirits' melding nothing can perturb
All else drowns in sinking sand
When You lift me, and hold my hand
Disruptions fade when You are there
I breathe Your presence in like air
You sound my heartbeats one by one
Basking in Father, Spirit, Son
You alone fill this holy place
Softly lavishing me in Your grace

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