Thursday, February 10, 2011

Top Ten: Reasons to Live in a Freshman Residence Hall

"It's loud, the food is no good, the rooms are tiny...blah blah blah." Forget what you've heard about life in the dorms! I, Chelsea, am a junior in college and I have lived in the res halls for the past 3 years. By choice!

1. You don't have to cook.

2. Your freshmen neighbors will keep you young: stay energized and up on the latest trends -- for example the next generation of Cougs doesn't call the place where you can buy groceries in the dining halls "The Market." I know, it blew my mind too.

3. RDA (that's the pre-paid account you use to buy food) is like monopoly money. You won't think twice about using it to buy coffee, or cold medicine, or ice cream.

4. A smaller space=less capacity to make a mess=less cleaning.

5. You have a chance to brush shoulders with people from all different perspectives and backgrounds.

6. It's easy to build relationships and community--eating is communal, plus it's pretty effortless to invite people hang out b/c you can knock on their door and ask them to walk a few steps and go to your room or the lounge or the not market place where you buy snacks using RDA.

7. Three of the coolest people I know Jocelyn Larsen, Amanda LaPlante, and Stephanie Wright of did it!

8. Walking to class is a piece of cake, in fact you might even have time to stop and buy a slice of cake from hillside with your RDA on the way over.

9. If you're into this sort of thing: Ministry opportunities are readily available. Your neighbors are most likely away from home for the first time. They're lonely and would love you to take genuine interest in them. They are questioning everything, including what they believe. You can help them understand who the God you follow is really like. There are other ways of doing this but where else can you can be there to hear the girl walk down the hall sobbing at 1 in the morning? I promise you will meet some precious people, and if you let yourself, you will build some real relationships with them. Perhaps you'll even join them on their spiritual journey, learn from them, and help them become closer to God.

10. You have the rest of your life to enjoy the advantages of apartment style living, but only a few years (plus maybe when you're in a nursing home) with this kind of opportunity available!

I'll be living in Wilmer Davis next year with a small team of Christian ladies. Join us! Or join Rachel Damiano in Regents to reach athletes, Caitlyn Hammersly and the gang in Stevenson, or male Cougs head to Stimson with Yanek!


Hannah said...

what do they call the market??

Chelsea girl said...

My girls thought I was talking about safeway when I said, "Does anyone want to go to the market. They just call it part of the dining hall, or the store.

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