Sunday, February 27, 2011

Soak it up

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Do ever find yourself pausing life for a second? You realize that you're in this perfect moment and you just want to savor every last bit of its splendor. Taste it. Breath it. Soak it up. I felt that way tonight. Forgive me for posting about nothing but wedding, fiancĂ©, and marriage lately--its kind of consuming whatever brain cells I have left right now. Phil and I are utilizing some cheap dates as of late (the activities not the people). Tonight we took advantage of pizza and a movie. Snuggled on Streit's stale couch in the lounge in front of the big screen., we popped in "The Social Network" which we snagged from going-out-of-business Blockbuster for 1.05, including candy and drinks. Nestled in between Philip's thermal-clad arm and a spread of Little Ceasar's pizza, orange fanta, hot wings, crazy sticks, craisins and watermelon sour patch, I found my bliss. I looked up at my fiancĂ©, his neatly trimmed goatee and stash, fresh haircut, my face on his warm, lime green Universidad de Costa Rica t-shirt and sighed in contentment.

Was it really one night ago we were fighting over...what was it? Both of us exhausted and inconsiderate.

And earlier in the day we were stressed to tears, praying that God would make a way for us to afford a wedding.

Didn't we remember the magic of moments like these? The good stuff of Chelsea and Philip time. Like earlier today when he said he was going to use a joke I made (about feminine hygiene products) when he becomes a famous comedian someday. Kissed me through the window while he filled my tank up with gas. Held me as I napped off the caffeine overdose that made me feel like I was dieing.

I wanted my senses to absorb this feeling. To download it into my muscle memory so that I'll never forget why I am so lucky to get to spend the rest of my life with this man. Simply soaking up the moments.

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