Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fashionably On Time

(My Great Grandpa's Watch)

Marriage is two people becoming one. We are intentionally pursuing this (it's hard at times, like when my other half doesn't want to sit around reading blogs all day but I sort of do). I'm seeing symptoms of this process crop up in unexpected places. I think when you spend time with someone you just naturally become more like them--you can't help it.

I have to tell you something about my husband: he is uber-punctual. If he isn't there 10 minutes early, he feels like he is late. Anyone who's had an appointment or class with me can tell you that this isn't exactly the case for me. I usually count it golden if I'm only 10 minutes late. You can see how this would cause tension for these two very different people as they start going to events together. Lately, though, a phenomena that I simply can't explain has occurred. Almost every time I go to a meeting, or a bible study, or a class I stress out thinking I'm going to be late or the last one there and they'll all be waiting on me. Yet when I show up I'm early and often the first one there! What's happening to me? All I can do is blame it on Philip and this becoming one stuff.

I see it in Philip too. When I met this man, his wardrobe consisted of old Wranglers from Good Will and silly T-shirts. He also owned one sweater that he wore every day until the zipper fell off and then replaced it with a paper clip. We've made a lot of progress in this area especially since discovering that there are fashionable clothes that he likes; there just happen to be unfashionable clothes that he also likes. I've helped him filter the two and urged him to buy new clothes before his old ones are ripped to shreds. The other day he made me so proud. Phil has this grey grandpa sweater from Forever21 which I LOVE (and so would Mr. Rogers) and a stylish blue zip up from Old Navy. He has been so anxious to wear those but Pullman's lingering summer kept him from doing so. The other day, even with the dropping weather, he chose not to wear either of the sweaters because they didn't match his outfit! I wasn't even home to give him fashion advice.  So proud. (If you're worried about him being cold, don't. The man is warm-blooded. He could be Jacob from Twilight). I guess being with me has influenced him too.

It motivates me to spend more time with God, knowing that even in just being around Him, I am becoming more like Christ.  That's just how we're wired. 

I am learning so much about myself, my husband, love, God--the list goes on and on--through this new life stage. Keep it comin' marriage!

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