Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Whole-Person Wellness

I am the most satisfied when I'm taking care of all facets of my being. I like how my friends at put it: "We've discovered the need in our lives for health at all levels, and thus choose to dwell on whole-person wellness." The bible says, "Love the Lord Your God w/ all Your heart, mind, soul, & strength." Of course, this verse is about giving everything to God. But perhaps it gives us some insight into human nature as well. There are many creatures in heaven with only the ability to love God through one dimension. Humans are uniquely spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental beings.

I'm learning how to time manage. Making room for the most important things. But realizing that during the time I have, I need to be engaged in a variety of different kinds of activities. I need to create. I need to rest. I need to think. I need to work (despite the things I mutter to myself when I'm on my way to a four-hour shift, or about to scrub the bathroom). I need to love. I need to listen. I need to be heard. I need to be alone. I need to be with friends. With family. With people who don't follow Christ. With people who do. When I spend my time being involved in all of these things w/ Christ in mind, it feels like I'm juicing more life out of my day.

I get to know Philip best by spending time with him in different contexts. If I just always spent time staring into his eyes, talking with him one-on-one, I could learn a lot about him, but I would never know what he's like at play. If we never worked together, I would be robbed of getting to know how diligent and persevering he is. Spending time with him amongst different groups of people and doing different activities gives me new insights into who he is.

I think it's the same with God. We were made to experience life, ourselves, each other, and him in diverse ways.

What kinds of activities help bring you life?

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