Friday, February 17, 2012

Details, Details.

Hello there.  By chance, are you here to look at mushy-gushy photos of my husband and I? If that's the case prepare to be disappointed.  Not to worry though, those are coming soon.  Maybe you think my wedding is old news but refer the post below to understand why you're wrong  it took us so long to buy the picture CD.  I've decided to show the details first.  Mostly because I want to see those pictures all together.  Selfish? Sorry but I've felt pretty insecure about the wedding since, especially when I go with my tendency to compare it to others I see on Pintrest or Facebook.  You should know that we were on a major budget--and spent about $5000 total on a wedding for around 200 people.  Also, I decided not to take time off from doing ministry in the dorms/school/working in Pullman (the first 3 months of my engagement) or working at Warden High School/hanging with my family (the 4th month of my engagement), or working as a camp counselor (the 5th month of my engagement) in order to give my wedding the focus it would've needed to have style of that magnitude.  I pretty much did everything myself so it feels like putting myself out there.  We are simple folk.  We had a simple wedding.  Please don't judge.

Something borrowed:  My mom wore these earrings when she married my step dad.

Something blue:  ceremony shoes.
Every princess needs a tiara!
Ceremony shoes.  Comfy ballet flats.
Bouquet made by a friend Abby Bergren.
Bridesmaid dresses ($30 at Forever21) and groomsmen attire. 
We bought them matching ties and gave them a dress code.
Simple centerpieces:  Gerber daisies (my fave) from Costco,
Mason jars from Philip's basement, castle scrapbook paper from Craft Warehouse.
Simple Candy Bar.
"Love is Sweet.  And so are you.  Decorate your bag with sharpees and stickers then fill it with candy for now or later.  Thanks for coming, your presence is a real treat"
Simple window decor.  Engagement photos strung on turquoise yarn w/ pink paper flowers & newspaper lacy trim.
The front of our programs/fans (A is for Arnold). 
Communion table.  My mom replaced red grape juice w/ white just in case I spilled haha.
Tops of pink and white daisies lined each side of the aisle.
Our arch.  I don't know if you can see but it is rusty looking and is wrapped in vines and birds.
My dad wanted to cook for us.  Basically, we had italian bread,
fresh fruit, pulled pork sandwiches, baked beans, corn on the cob etc.
A pennant banner I made using pink paper,
 newspaper, and leftover sparkly paper from our invitations.  Philip <3 Chelsea.
Ok so Philip's aunt made our cake.  My aunt/cousin made our cupcakes and I insisted on my all-time fave Funfetti frosting.  Unfortunately, this took away from the fancy-factor because they couldn't be piped through icing bags b/c of this and had to look like plain ole cupcakes.  Frankly I didn't care.
A picnic basket for cards and a guestbook tree.
Bubbly sendoff.
My little brother is too cool for school.  But I wanted to show you that we strung lights around the bottom of the room.  I wanted top but the venue was really picky about what we could use to hang stuff and we didn't want to damage a place we love so much.  Venue is Ross Point Camp where we learned about relationshi with God, met, started dating etc.
 I know this was mostly for me, but if you see something you like would you take a minute to let me know?  I've really wrestled with insecurity about this and your encouragement might really help.


Amy Guild said...

Chelsea I loved your wedding details and your colors especially. Your wedding was creative and unique in its own way. Don't be insecure. You are awesome!

The Mrs. said...

Your pictures are beautiful. You are beautiful. And the best part? Regardless of fleeting details, you've married the man of your dreams and you get to be husband and wife and glorify God forever and ever. And I LOVE your setting. Beautiful wedding.

Stevi cruz said...

Your wedding was beautiful Chelsea I just freaking love that u put all that together on a budget!!! It was amazing I really enjoyed all the pics. I'm so doing this also when the time comes, weddings aren't about what others think or about having the most outrageously expensive wedding it's about two people in love. <3

Amanda L said...

It's so glad you're sharing these on here since I couldn't make it to the real thing. Tear. Your dress is one of my favorites I've seen and that bouquet looks super spendy.. Good job, chels. Can't wait to see the rest!

Uneventfully Wonderful said...

I love this post because I LOVE DETAILS and almost more than that, I love REMEMBERING those details! Your wedding was AWESOME. I love seeing the side of it that I didn't see on the day (the earrings from your mom, blue shoes, etc.) People can get so crazy with spending money on everything and I LOVE that you guys were creative with your budget.

Chelsea girl said...

Friends, thanks for helping me battle the lies in my head that sometimes steal my piece. You are all people I especially trust on this b/c I think you're really stylish and have good taste. Thanks again for the encouragement.

Tricia said...

I think your wedding looked amazing - and beautiful and you definitely looked like a princess! :) I loved every detail, and to me, it was so you & Philip - I was completely in awe of it all. You did amazing - and you are amazing. :)

Rachel Harold said...

I love your style! This came together so well and I wasn't even there for the wedding! You did a fantastic job, it actually reminded me of some really pretty stuff on this wedding planner website that had a bunch of rustic, modern ideas. check it out! :)

Aunt Pam said...

Chelsea your writing almost always brings me to tears (in a very good way...ha ha). Your wedding was beautiful and unique and told a great love story, God was praised, and your pictures caught it all. You did a great job!

Jill aka Mrs. Massa said...

Oh my dear Chelsea...Did you know that I had so many people come up and say that yours was their all-time favorite wedding ever? Did you know that they loved all of the little touches that made the wedding so Chelsea and Philip, but that they also loved it because it was so beautiful and spiritual and about the two of you and your Godly relationship? Did you know that your decorations were so creative and the time that you took to make them just so did not go unnoticed? Did you know that there were a million smiles both before and during and after your wedding because there was so much love all around? Did you know that you made people's day when you let them help and be a part of everything that happened? Did you know that you are beautiful both inside and out, and so was your wedding? Did you know that money spent doesn't come near memories made? Did you know that I love you and will never forget that day, and neither will any of us that had the honor of being there to see the love that you and Phil share and the spiritual connection that you have? Enough said!

Mindy said...

I was going to leave some encouraging words, but everyone else has beat me to it! And they are RIGHT!! A favorite? The guys ties!

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