Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Ring--and I Don't Mean on the Phone.

Our wedding pictures are here at last!  We suffer from PCSS (Poor College Student Syndrome).  Don't worry it's not contagious.  So we had to save up to buy a disk with all our wedding photos (700+) on it.  Our photographer, Memory Montage Productions, was a bit of a splurge for us--but I think it was totally worth it!  If I could give one piece of advice to brides-to-be it would be to splurge on the things you really care about and scrimp on the ones that aren't a big deal to you.  For example, my top three items were 1.  Venue.  2.  Photographer.  And 3.  Dress!  These things ended up accounting for over half of the budget.  I would encourage engaged couples to consider spending on a professional photographer who specializes in weddings.  The day just ran alot more smoothly this way.  They took the lead and I didn't have to make any photography decisions (unless I wanted to) which was huge for me because planning the wedding I had to make a million and one decisions.  A friend who was helping with the flowers for the centerpieces called me the morning of the wedding asking me simple input questions and I broke down crying.  I am an indecisive person and just couldn't handle anymore.  Plus, if you have a simple wedding like I did the photography can really capture the beauty of the day and help you to remember it at its best forever.

Tommorrow morning I am going to lose some wisdom, and gain some drugs.  Yup, I am getting my wisdom teeth out.  I think it's great timing for the pictures to have arrived.  I'm probably going to spend the weekend eating mashed potatoes and ice cream, drooling on the keyboard as I upload pics to Facebook, my blog, and attempt to create a photo album.  I'm thinking of using My Publisher, but what program would you recommend for digitally creating a photo album that you can buy as a print?  Pray for my poor husband because I have known to be pretty loopy on pain pills.  The saint took the whole day Friday off to take care of me!   

Finally, the point of the post...(I know I can be a rambler, but what is blogging for?)  My ring!  I don't think I've shown a good picture of it yet.  I love it so much!  I remember when marriage was very hypothetical for Philip and I one of my friends told me that her boyfriend had asked her to start looking at engagement rings.  When I told Phil about this he thought it was stupid.  He thought it was more special if the man picked it out himself and wouldn't want me to know that a proposal was coming ahead of time.  I objected asking, "But what if you don't know what I like?  I mean, do you even know if I'm a gold person or a silver person?"  He answered, "Silver."  And from then on I trusted him to do the ring biz on his own.  After we got engaged he told me that one of the reasons he liked the ring is it because it has three diamonds.  He said the middle, larger one, represents God, and the two outer ones represented us.  God is at the center and the main focus of our marriage.  Love it, and him!  Stay tuned for more fabulous wedding photography and potential pain killer-induced loopiness!

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