Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Summertime and the Livin' is Healthy

Sometimes you need a little support.  A little cheering on, if you will.

I think my husband is smokin’ hot.  I just can’t bare the sad look he got when a pair of his jeans became too tight for him to put his hands in his pockets.  Ever since that day, this guy has been running THREE MILES a day.  At first when he told me he wanted to start eating healthier, I pretty much said, “Good luck with that,” while polishing off a third row of Oreos.  I weigh 113ish which is less than I’ve weighed since junior year of high school.  I have a fast metabolism that is a blessing and a curse.  I’m addicted to oreos, mountain dew, Cheetos, and ice cream.  The problem is, it affects my body weight zero.  I’d actually like to weigh a little bit more than I do.  But being a wife is about coming alongside Philip.  I want to encourage and support him.  So I came to my senses and made us a game plan.  Here’s how to help your husband eat healthy in five easy steps! 

1.  Drink water with meals instead of Lemon Kool Aid (when life gives you Kool Aid packets, make lemonade!)

2.  Swap out regular pasta for whole wheat.  We also changed up our tortillas and bagels and bread.  So many whole grains in this casa!

3.  Have salad for dinner once a week.  I’m kicking myself because I can’t remember which blog or pin lead me to this idea.  We are trying out this salad combo:  fresh spinach + fresh cabbage + cucumbers + bell peppers + hard boiled eggs + cheese.

4.  Perhaps the most pertinent to us, change our snacking habits.  That’s right I tossed the Cheetos and Mt. Dew.  Instead we’ve stocked up on pistachios, Sun chips, Wheat Thins, Graham crackers, ants on a log (vintage), yogurt chips, string cheese and fresh apples and oranges.

5.  Trade in your ice cream *sob* for smoothies.  Confession:  We still put a scoop (or two or three in my case) of vanilla ice cream in with frozen fruits and milk.  I think I’m totally to blame for this weight gain because I have gotten into the bad habit of eating ice cream almost every night.  Of course the hubs, not wanting me to feel like a fatty, always indulges with me.  Ideally, we could just cut this out but I think for now this is a good way to ease ourselves out of a bad habit.

There ya have it folks.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  I may be going through some major withdrawals.  Any other ideas for healthy eating?  Help us out health nut friends.    


Olivia said...

Hey girl, I just wanted to say congrats on the switch up of healthier foods! My new year's resolution was to eat healthier...since then, I have become a vegetarian as well as completely swearing off sweets! So, it's definitely do-able with the right mindset! Hope everything goes great! (I LOVE your blog, btw! If you're interested in checking out mine, that'd be great, otherwise, just keep blogging and I'll keep reading!)

Chelsea girl said...

Bravo Olivia! Me and sweets, that's gonna be a tough break-up. I'm following you now! So far I've noticed we both love Jesus and vintage. Can't wait to get to know you better!

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