Monday, May 7, 2012

The Taylor Games

Isn't it beautiful when two of your obsessions come together?  That's how I feel about Taylor Swift and her songs about the Hunger Games.  Such a great marriage.

  Another combo I'm in favor of?  The Tay-Sway + The Civil Wars in that first song.  I love Hunger Games because 1.  It's Young Adult Literature.  Perhaps because I am a future English teacher and spend a lot of my time learning about teenagers I love books that fall under this category.  2.  It's Dystopian.  (for literature newbs that means the opposite of Utopia--a society in the future that has gone all wrong).  Dystopias are great because they let us experience a different world, help us think critically about issues in our society and the potential consequences of those issues, and because they tend to be borderline sci-fi (which is appealing to my inner nerd) 3.  It's got a little bit of everything:  romance, action, drama.  It's such a great story about persevering love (thank you Peeta), rebelling for a cause (thanks Katniss) and the value of human life.  Have you read or watched the movie?   Dddddoooooo it!

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