Saturday, August 11, 2012

In These Oxfords

My name is Chelsea and I have an oxford obsession.  Hi Chelsea.    I can't help it.  I mean, they're a little nerdy, a little quirky, my grandma would love 'em (before you hate, think about all the other trends Gma would be into like florals, cardigans, brooches...)  I tend to get very attached to specific articles of clothing and then wear them to death.  Such was the fate of my brown, leathery, beautiful oxfords.

The soles came ripping out (metaphor).

Plus they have some other issues like here.

Aaaaaaaand here.  

I thought I would have a really hard time replacing them.  And they were a must!  My friend Han has a pair of brown oxfords too, and she and I were talking about it like, "What did we wear before we had oxfords?" Because they had become such a staple in both of our wardrobes.  There was like an 80% chance we would end up wearing them on the same day and being matchy-matchy soley because of how much we wore them (excuse the shoe pun...SOLEy...heehee).  Luckily, TJ Max was there for me.  I found these beauties there for $20:

I think I like them even more than my old ones because:  1.  they're reminiscent of saddle shoes and  2.  since they have a light brown and a dark brown tone more outfit possibilities open up.  And guess what?  They're selling the same shoes at Ruche (pictured below) for $45!!!  Score!  

Are you craving Oxfords too?What are your shoe/fashion obsessions lately?  

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