Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Birthweek: Family, Friends, and Fruit

No, my mother wasn't in labor for seven days straight (thank goodness!).  This year, my birthday was on a Tuesday--how boring!  So, in true college-student spirit, I decided to celebrate all week!

The fun started on the Saturday before my birthday when I guilted bribed persuaded convinced invited friends to come out to a U-Pick Orchard with me.  We got to pick apples and make freshly mulled apple cider.  My mom, dad, brother and new brother (our foreign exchange student from Spain) even made the long drive over to come and see me!  And of course my husband came, he's contractually obligated ;)

My husband and little bro get along so well, sometimes I feel like the third wheel!

The best way to get the ones at the top.

My friend Brittany from my Master's program.

Hannah, Caitlyn, Jamie, and I!

What a good brother!    He did mention that it would be fun to let me go rolling down the hill on more than one occasion.

Phil had to jump to reach that one.

They said we could sample them for free.  Naturally, the college students ate like 15 a piece.  Free is our favorite number!

Ma needed a stiff drink after all the walking around.

Me and my new brother, Gonzalo.  Of course, mom was documenting with her video camera.

Cheering Gonzalo on.

Uh, this was a lot harder than it looked.

I didn't want to waste the leftovers.

The fruits of our labor!
If you haven't done this, leave my blog and go right now before the season's over!  We had a blast!  Afterwards, my family took Phil and I out for some sexy pizza.  (I'm not a huge fan of pepperoni but I love eating pizza with fancy cheeses and toppings).  Then my mom let me pick out several items from the smelly store aka Bath and Body Works.  We parted ways and when husband and I got home I had a package waiting for me:  the Hunger Games DVD!  We finished the night off watching one of my faves, hot apple cider in hand.  I told Phil that I would be satisfied if that was all the birthday I got, but it was just the beginning :)

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