Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thrifting 101 With Olivia

I thrifted this J.Crew sweater for $3 two weeks ago!

I don't know if you've noticed lately, but, vintage is the new thing. Everyone now has jumped onto the bandwagon of shopping vintage. Stores like Free People and Modcloth, along with your local boutiques take pride in their carefully curated "vintage" sections. While this is all well and good, their pieces also feature prices just way too high for my price range! So, of course, the natural alternative for me has become thrifting.

Please, throw all your past reservations about this issue out the door! I have had some of the most enjoyable experiences of my life while thrifting. Yes, there are those kind of girls I know who give me the stuck up nose and say, "Really. You're wearing someone else's clothes?"

If you are new to this, it's easy to become a little daunted by the idea of it. First, I will highly recommend checking out the website, The Thrift Shopper 
 By simply entering your zip code, a list of thrift stores in your area appears, along with a review list of how they rank in quality, selection, friendliness, etc.

      Free People was selling this $118.00 dress, but I found it for $6 still with tags at a thrift store!

Before you go...

  • I would highly recommend setting a budget for yourself. It's WAY too easy to think, "Why can't I buy ten of these blouses, because I'd normally be spending the same amount on ONE at the mall?". Buying out the store may be a temptation, but I definitely am advocating self control here. (:

  • Completely on the other hand though, take risks! Because everything is at a lower price than the mall prices that we're all used to, this is the perfect time to try something new or out there that you wouldn't  normally see yourself trying. My style has definitely evolved a ton just by thrifting, because it allows you to try new things!

  • Make a checklist. Try to make a detailed list of the things you need so that you aren't completely overwhelmed when you get there. A lot of times, I go thrifting even though I don't need anything...I just love to shop and can't afford to frequent other places. So, in these spontaneous thrifting trips, I will typically try to set a $10 ~ $15 budget so I don't completely go overboard!

  • Tommy Girl sweater//$5 thrifted.

    While you're there...

    • Be patient. Seriously. The perfect thing isn't going to smack you in the face the minute you get there. I mean, maybe it will....good for you! But, in my experiences, it definitely takes time and energy to sift through the racks to get to the good stuff. Lately, I am SUPER into blazers, and sometimes, even though it can take me up to half an hour to find a blazer I really like, it pays off in the end. Knowing you actually worked to find that favorite clothing item is super fufilling! (:

    • Depending on the store's vibe, they may or may not be opposed to you bargaining with them to try to get a lower deal. I have tried this many times and it's definitely a hit or miss method. Sometimes, I have gotten half price off of the item I'm buying, and other times, they just tell me "No." and that's that. Either way: it's worth a shot!

    • When to shop...
      There are several key times to shop, that will reap better finds, as well as even better deals on the already low prices!

      • Sale days! My favorite local thrift store, Red Racks, has 50% off Sundays, where the entire store is half off. Also, they have "colored tag" days, where a certain colored dot on the price tag brings in different percentages off. This can bring up to 75% off, so it's a crazy good deal!

      • Shipment days! So, even though usually people can drop off donations at thrift stores anytime, the store will have specific days in which they distribute these items throughout the store. Ask a worker when you go so you know what days you can get the most selection and variety!

      • Last week's find was this $2.50 Abercrombie blazer!

        I hope you discover a love for thrifting as great as mine is! It saves so much money while still being able to get "cool" clothes! And unless you tell them, your friends will have no idea that your J.Crew sweater you're wearing to lunch today was $3 at the thrift store! Good luck & happy thrifting!
        Much love,

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