Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I'm trying to get the most out of my wardrobe.  Partly because I want to be content with what I have.    Partly because I have to dress semi-formally for student teaching, and I only have so many skirts, dresses, and slacks. Partly because though I need to invest in a few more things in order to have a full, grown-up, teachery look,  this broke college girl can only afford to add to her wardrobe piece by piece.

I wanted to wear my coral summer dress, but to tone it down and bundle it up for winter.  I layered it over my striped sweater and white sweater tights.  I wore my real leather snow boots that Ma gifted me for Christmas.  All that was left were accessories, which happens to be my favorite part.  I added a cream-colored flower hairclip.  Do you think florals are okay for winter?  I think I love them to much to put them away for a whole season.  Beyond this, I needed a necklace.  I wanted a long one to break up the solid colored-dress.  My first though was this peacock feather necklace.

But the colors kind of clashed.  


Then, I noticed the back of the necklace.  I thought it was kind of cool too.  It looks bronzey and vintage.  I thought to myself, "Why am I letting the man hold me down?   I don't have to follow the rules!"  Perhaps those angsty teenagers I hang out with during student teaching are influencing me.  So, I wore my necklace backwards!  

This is how I'm trying to rethink my wardrobe options.   I'm trying to think of creative ways to get more outfits out of my clothing.  Sometimes it means layering, or pairing colors I wouldn't normally pair together.  Sometimes it means bundling up my summer and spring clothes to make them work for winter too.  Sometimes it means tweaking something small like the way I'd usually wear a necklace.

How do you get the most wear out of what you have?


Uneventfully Wonderful said...

Love this! I am in the same boat! Well, I'm not as stylish as you, so not quite the same boat. :)
I've been struggling with my wardrobe. Luckily for me I work in lots of different schools so if I do laundry half way through the week I can usually wear the same or similar outfits if needed. Seriously, I need some help in this department. Especially since I would say almost every outfit I wear will have one or more things "wrong" with it. Like my nice black dress pants I wore today have buttons missing in the back (I try to cover that with long shirts) and the pockets are ripped on the inside (only I can tell when I put my hands in my pockets).
I'm trying to get creative, though. I like adding a scarf to an outfit...makes it seem like a new outfit. :)

Chelsea girl said...

Sarah, I think you pick out really cute pieces, and have more fashion sense than you think. This blog has helped me a lot. You should check out the "building a remixable wardrobe" tutorials. http://www.puttingmetogether.com/

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