Friday, February 1, 2013

Oh, hell, where is your victory?

Let me just tell you that I'm only a month in, but this has already been the hardest semester of college by far. I mean whole package-wise.  Just emotionally, spiritually, circumstantially, tough.  There's some unjust stuff going on.  It's a situation where my husband and I feel oppressed.  It is hard not to get sucked into that negativity.

On top of this, lots of minor things seem to be going wrong.  I'm having some health issues (that could end up being more serious).  We have had lots of car trouble.  I had a computer and a phone stop working.  When you're living on a tight budget and you're already under a great deal of stress, those little nagging things can seem detrimental.  

At church on Sunday, during one of the worship songs we sang, "Oh, hell, where is your victory?"  Those words really struck me.  It feels like the enemy of my soul is trying to get a victory.  Like satan and his followers are trying to get Phil and I to turn away from God.  To stop trusting him.  To crumble.  

Yet I know, Jesus will be victorious.  No matter what that looks like, whether things pan out the way I think they should or not.  God is using this to write a better story with our lives. 

 If prayer is part of your life, I would ask that you pray for us.  Pray that we would handle this situation in a way that accurately represents that God we follow.  Pray that we would rely on him, and not our own strength.  Pray that his Holy Spirit would give us everything we need to get through this.  

I believe that at the end of this, Jesus will be victorious!  We will be able to boldly say, "Oh, hell, where is your victory?"

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