Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Top Ten Summer To-Dos

Summer is here!  FINALLY!  My fiance came to see me/go to premarital counselling/have lunch with our sweet friends the Larsen's.  So in the midst of all that I missed my Top Tens on the Tenth.  I hope you'll forgive me.  No pressure, but it's what Jesus would do.  Organization is not my thing. I am people/feelings oriented, and if I’m not careful, the necessary things of life that don’t fit into that category will fall by the wayside. Luckily, I have a fiancé who is very task/goal oriented to help keep me on track. And my mama taught me some tips and tricks to help scatter brained creative types like me. One of those things is making lists.  So here are my Top Ten Summer To-Dos:

There are some musts on this list.

1. Work for a couple weeks at the SESRC. 2. Counsel at Ross Point Camp. 3. GET MARRIED to a hot guy.

But I don’t want to waste the remainder of my time. Unless I have a plan, that tends to happen.

4. Improve my blog (work on design elements, add a button, make a new banner?)

5. Do-it-myself wedding projects

6. Read Donald Miller’s A thousand miles in a hundred years

7. Decorate my apartment

8. Practice cooking

9. Spend sweet time with God in the Word and prayer.

10. Enjoy the sunshine! Aka spend lots of time outside.  (I live in Pullman and there are only a few precious months of sunshine before the endless cold takes over).

How will you spend your extra time this summer?


Uneventfully Wonderful said...

Which camp are you counseling at?

This summer I hope to knit some baby blankets for my friends with babies on the way. I also hope to run, swim, and see one of my favorite people ever get married. ;)

I also hope to get a little sun so the girls I work with stop teasing me about being sooooo white. haha.

Chelsea girl said...

Haha...yes! Sounds great! And don't worry about being white, Philip says that my skin tone (which is whiter than white) is one of his favorite things about the way I look. Weird right? But I'll take it.

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