Thursday, May 5, 2011

Window Drooling

I have been online window shopping drooling and found some beautiful things! Note to self, avoid looking at fabulous clothes when all your spare change is going towards hosting a fabulous wedding. Still, I can dream right? I've always avoided Urban Outfitters because of their steep prices, but why oh why didn't I ever check out their sale racks? Here are some inexpensive yet lovely pieces I can't take my eyes off!

Sparkle and Fade Accordion Pleat Halter Top $14.99, BDG Classic Stripe Cardigan $9.99,
Cooperative Lasercut Oxford $29.99, UO Zigzag Sunglasses $6.99

Now, can anyone think of a way I could justify buying these things ;)?  Any other stores I should check out (and not buy from)?

1 comment:

Hannah said...

honeymoon clothes! hehe :D you should look at it's just expensive enough that i can look and not buy :P

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