Saturday, May 28, 2011

Well Programmed

My current project is gluing wedding programs together. That may sound simple.  Most of my projects do.  But by the time you make 180 of everything, the work adds up.  Here's the finished product:

It's a's a's superman! Philip's brother My new brother gave me a big complement on them. He described them as inexpensive, creative, and functional. Mama Arnold also gave them the cuteness approval. That's what I'm going for with this wedding. I'm working extra hard in hopes that I will have a wedding that is inexpensive, creative, functional and well, cute.

My sweet fiancé called me this morning (a few mornings ago since I'm way behind on my posting). You may think I've fallen off the map since my last blog was miles ago. After the semester at school ended, I was spending time in Pullman (where I go to school and where my dad happens to live) working for a few weeks. Now I'm back to where I grew up, good ole Warden. By day I am a substitute paraeducator (more about that later). But nights and weekends I am running rampantly trying to check things off my wedding to-do list. Taking breaks to do things like facebook, write blogs, catch up on Glee. Anywho, Philip called me and even though at the end of the conversation I got mad at him for something that is probably unjust for me to be upset about, my excitement about marrying him is growing every day!

I've wanted a new swimsuit for awhile now(haven't had one in 2 summers, and my old one is a tankini as per Summer Project requirements). I found one at Victoria's Secret on sale: top $18, bottoms $12. Upon telling Philip he immediately gave me his debit card numbers so I could buy one. Maybe he just wants to see me in a bikini. Or maybe he knows how much a new suit would mean to me. I love clothes too much. I could buy new clothes nonstop and still want more! It's terrible. But in light of the wedding, I have put buying anything for myself on hold. A new suit feels like the perfect amount of spoilage.

Philip knows the most direct routes to my heart. I'm beginning to think it IS possible to buy my love. What makes you feel loved?  Are you working on any fun projects?

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