Thursday, August 4, 2011

I do love you

Our good camp friend Brandon Wheeler wrote us a poem as a wedding gift.  He once wrote me a poem about breaking my arm (against a wall while playing kickball), and at Ross Point he's known for his famous poem-for-cookie deal.  But this one is serious, beautiful, and seriously beautiful.  It's written from the perspective of Philip and I to each other.  Enjoy!

There must be a God
And I know it's true
I can see his love
When I look at you
He must have a plan
For this road called life
Since he brought you here
And put you by my side

My arms are holding you
They'll always hold you up
Even when your strength
Is just not strong enough
What tomorrow brings
Only Heaven knows
But I will stay with you
Wherever life's road goes

Now I've never been as sure
Of anything before
And I'm loving every moment
Here with you
For better or for worse
Are now so much more than words
And I pray that every day
God lets me prove

That I meant what I said
When I said that I do
And I mean what I say
When I say I love you

1 comment:

Mindy said...

Beautiful poem and oh, so beautiful wedding picture!!!

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