Saturday, August 27, 2011

What the Magic Bullet's Churning out These Days

I picked up a lot of things last summer in Costa Rica: a University of Costa Rica T-shirt, some Costa Rican Slang , "Pura Vida!,"  a sweet tan...Okay maybe not that last one, but it WAS the rainy season so my Irish/German heritage is not entirely to blame.  I also picked up a delicious smoothie recipe. In Costa Rica things are all natural. And I don't just mean they use sugar instead of splenda. Food is simple, a few ingredients and lots of fresh fruit. Most fruit smoothies I found there were mainly fruit, ice, and water--maybe a little sweetener. Of course that didn't stop me from finding one that made my personal nutritionist Tracy Johnson Hare squirm. Okay, so she just cut off the ice cream I was scheduled to get later that day for eating all my carrots at lunch. Anyways if you have a blender or a magic bullet like me, throw these ingredients in and get your fruit serving for the day. Maybe just skip the ice cream later. This recipe feeds 2 adults or 1 teenager and tastes like apple pie, yum...

Please excuse our kind-of-ugly newlywed couch.

One chopped apple (the smaller the pieces the better)

Two scoops of vanilla ice cream

4 cups Milk

 6ish ice cubes

1 "dash" of Cinnamon

2 Teaspoons Brown Sugar (optional!)

*If you want to go a little healthier use vanilla yogurt of the ice cream.

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