Saturday, January 28, 2012


(Dark webcam shot sorry!)

"Today is never too late to be brand new." --the great T.S.

Remember this post?  Anyone?  I wanted to update on this process.  It was my dad's 29th ;) birthday this past week and we went out to dinner as a family.  It was bueno Mexican food, good laughs, and good time with people I care so much about.  I decided that instead of a present this year I would write my dad a letter (I know I'm cheap.  Being a college student/newlywed will do that to you).  In that letter I spelled out my testimony.  By that I just mean a snapshot of the spiritual journey I've been going on with God. You can read a modified version here.  One of the themes of my story is me feeling worthless, seeking God and finding my value in Him.  I first started feeling worthless when my dad left and my parents got a divorce.  So it was hard to share that with him.  At the end of the letter I told him that I forgive him and love him and that I wouldn't take back what happened between him and my mom because it's what drew me to God on my knees and I have no idea where I'd be without that.  He responded so well!  He told me that leaving me was the hardest thing he's ever done.  The crazy thing is, you guys, I truly forgive my dad!  For the first time I don't feel bitter about my family background!  I know those feelings might crop up again at times, but I know how to combat them.  I can't take away from what my dad did or try to minimilize it like, "it really wasn't that bad."  It was that bad--but Jesus died to take away his sins so I forgive him.  He stands blameless before God and before me.  Like me, his sinful soul was redeemed by the blood of a sinless King.  So sweet how God up and makes things new!

Speaking of new.  My dear friend (and bridesmaid) Katie Anthony paid a visit.  And we put her to work.  She taught me how to cut my husband's hair and gave my bangs a makeover. If you feel like you've seen them before, it's because I stole them from Taylor Swift. (I'm a little bit obsessed) Our whole family is looking a little less disgruntled and a little more fresh and new!  Thoughts? 



Anonymous said...

What a beautiful thing that God has allowed you to forgive him for the past :)

Bangs are always fun!

jennifer blair said...

Wow. That is amazing how God gives us the strength to forgive the ones who've hurt us like that. Beautiul.

PS: I love the bangs! :)

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