Friday, September 14, 2012

Fridays Letters

Dear Rockstar, You don’t know it, but you are so going to love dinner tonight.  Hint:  it will be very manly.  Dear Teach For America, please accept us!  We are going to be awesome teachers and we care about the same things you care about.  So what if we might not know how to write a professional resume?  Dear Clarkston, did you know it’s almost fall?  Maybe you should consider cooling down so I can sip tea and wear scarves in peace.  Dear Mom, thanks for reading my blog and loving on everything I write and photograph.  You have always been my biggest fan (and that’s not a fat joke!  Seriously, my mom weighs like 100 pounds).  Dear NYC, there is something coming your way in the mail for one of your cutest new residents.  Dear weekend, we have no plans for you and I am so happy about it!  Here’s to watching movies, window shopping, going on walks, and probably trying another restaurant in our new town.  Dear Phil, come home so I can kiss your face already!


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Nicholl Vincent said...

love the mom note!

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