Thursday, September 6, 2012


Philip and I have a habit of freaking out about money.  Usually, needs come before funds come.  My reaction to said needs arising is usually panicking and getting into fights with my husband about how we’re possibly going to afford to…well…live.  Dramatic, no?  One time that is particularly stressful for us is the beginning of a semester.  As a couple of college students, we rely heavily on financial aid.  Financial aid is, without fail, always delayed in getting dispersed to us.  I am happy to report that for the first time this year we didn’t freak out!  It’s actually kind of pathetic if I think about it.  I’ve watched God provide exactly what we need in the nick of time over and over again.  Yet still I don’t cling to him when disaster comes.  I flee in terror and scramble to provide for myself.

This year we had every reason to freak out.  I don’t know if you have seen this in the news or experienced it for yourself, but my college has been having huge problems getting financial aid to students this year due to a new computer program that’s proving to have lots of glitches.  For the first time, Phil and I aren’t working to supplement our Fin. Aid, simply because with Student Teaching it’s a near impossibility.  He just finished up his summer job.  His last paycheck was retracted due to problems with his employer’s bank account.  On top of that we’ve taken on extra financial responsibilities.  This year we decided to be financial supporters of a few of our friends who are working in full-time ministry.  It’s something we’ve talked about for the future.  You know, when we have careers and such.  We want to be a family that lives simply and gives generously.  However, we felt God say to us, “Why not start now?”

Through all of that we remained at peace.  I remember thinking, “Well, we always seem to have what we need so God will work it out.”  Was that really me?  I said that?  Yup.  We had enough in savings to wait out the delayed financial aid (since we’ve come to anticipate problems with it).  My check was mailed to us within a couple weeks.

 While we waited for Philip’s to come we received a huge, unexpected blessing.  He logged onto his student account and noticed that all of his tuition had been paid.  This seemed odd since when you receive loans you have to accept them before they are processed.  Looking into this he discovered something huge:  all of his tuition for this year has been paid for in grants!  As in, money we don’t have to pay back later!  He also received extremely low-interest loans that are plenty to cover our needs and then some*.  My friend told me that she believed God would bless us for giving.  I know that those blessings aren’t always monetary, but it is still so sweet to see God be so generous with us.  

*Before you judge us for going into debt, let me assure you we do not have credit cards or plan to use loans unless absolutely necessary in the future.  Student loans are different to us, because you have until you graduate to start paying them off and they have very low interest rates.  And we have a plan to pay them off.  When we get teaching jobs (and we’re willing to go anywhere to get these jobs) we plan to live off of Philip’s income and pay off debt with my income.  That way, in case a little one comes along we will already be used to living off one income for when I stay home and cuddle the little bundle of poop joy.

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