Monday, September 3, 2012

Review: What to Expect When You're Expecting

Our current hometown has a dollar theater that plays good, recently released movies.  This last weekend What to Expect When You're Expecting was showing.  We got tickets and snacks (I know it's a rip off but once I smell that movie-theater butter I'm done for) for two for 10 bucks!  The movie was really funny and heartfelt:  two components that, in my opinion, all the best movies have.  It followed a few families through the pregnancy process--and I mean ALL THE WAY through.  It showed many different outcomes of pregnancy including miscarriage, twins, c-section, adoption, and your typical birth.  Warning:  it might give your husband baby-fever.  For real!  I don't think anything else has ever done that to Phil. The movie's unique in that it shares a little bit of the male perspective on parenthood.  The "dude's group,"  shares--along with some hilarious one-liners--the good, the bad, and the ugly of fathering babies.  In the end, they conclude that they love being dads.  That all the hardship is worth it.  That they are exhausted, but happy.  And that, "You don't know true love until you've wiped someone's butt."

On the other hand, it all but convinced me that adopting children from Ethiopia is the best way to go.  Okay, not really but...for realz.  It was a little bit of a reality check for me.  So many of the married couples I know right now either already have stinkin' adorable kiddos or are in the process of making them.  I can get jealous pretty quickly, or think that the stage of life ahead of me is the best stage of life to be in.  The movie showed me that I am not ready to grow a human inside me and most certainly not ready for the part where it goes from womb to open air.  Husband said that he thinks that it is a good thing that I don't have a huge desire to be pregnant and that when it is time God will give me that desire.  Much like right before we got engaged I seriously had a huge, healthy, desire to get married.  Now, I'm not saying that every desire we have is automatically God's will.  I'm just saying that the more we seek God the more he makes our desires line up with his desires.

No matter what stage of life you're in, I would reccommend seeing this movie.  You'll most likely get some laughs, some tears, and some insight into the world of parenthood.      

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