Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Baby Steps

I tried something new today folks. Philip and I had a little date to Subway. (I think partly to celebrate our finally secure financial sitch. We've just been unnecessarily worried about big expenses and small bank accounts. Recently we've saved up a decent amount/trusted God more for money). I order the same exact thing every time I go to Subway. Let's be real, you narrow down your options when you go there anyways. You're getting a sub. Or some soup that's too small to satisfy. My usual consists of: 6 inch Turkey on wheat NOT toasted with pickles, olives, and jalapenos. It might sound weird, but it is good enough to keep me coming back again and again. But today I took a walk on the wild side. I opted for toasted! AND I traded jalapenos for peppercinis. As I contemplated this decision Phil said, "Do it! Be adventurous!" It makes me chuckle, that for me, this counts as adventurous.  I hope this gives you some insight on how I deal with change, and that you're proud of me for taking steps, no matter how small, towards growth.

It might be hard, but like Momma always says:  If it wasn't for change there would be no butterflies.
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